Embarking on Time Lapsing

A Time Lapse video is compiled of several photos of the same frame over a certain amount of time. Sounds complex, but is really not.

You must have a camera that is able to take photos in intervals. First you must set up your frame. Using a tripod, find a location where nothing, including potential wind, will effect the camera while it is shooting. Make sure the tripod is firmly on the ground and balanced. Finally take a few test shots of your framed up shot and find the best settings for the shot. Then place your camera on Manual mode to those setting. This will insure they don't change as time passes. Start the interval shooting and let go of the camera, making sure not to touch it again until you're finished.

I'm no expect in Time Lapses, but in theory that is what you have to do to produce the images to make the video. The video above was a quick attempt at a Time Lapse video in the front room out our office this morning. I'm not sure how the camera moved mid way through and there certainly isn't enough traffic in front of our office to make it worth it. That being said, if you watch closely you can see the sun rising.

The reason I bring all this up is because I may get a chance to try out doing a Time Lapse video of the sun setting over Fort St John. So because I don't want to mess it up, I figured I would refresh my memory on how it is done.

Any tips are always welcome.

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