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Facebook is change again, so be ready. These aren't big changes, but changes that Facebook thinks will help with your Facebook experience.

Some will say many of the Facebook changes are in retaliation to the popularity of Google+ over the last couple weeks. This may be true, but Facebook does have the users and from what I can tell these are positive additions to the site.

Lets break it up:

Revamped Friend Lists

Hello form the little Northeastern BC community of Fort Nelson. It is true, Motion Media, is here and helping attendees harness the power of Social Media, specifically Twitter.

It is probably no surprise to many that Twitter is a very powerful tool at a conference. The big conferences in the industry have come to use twitter to extent their conferences. Big ones like Drupalcon, Wordcamp, BC Chamber of Commerce AGM and so on have successfully use twitter.

I really don't mean to always come back and talk about how you must be consistent and accountable when using social media, but it seems to be something that even I have a hard time doing. You see I had made a task for myself to spend a couple hours a week writing a blog post on the Motion Media blog and as you can see, I dropped the ball on that one.

The Problem

Alright, I have spent sometime now with Google+, Andrew and I also talked about it here and I have heard from many of you about what you like about it and what you don't. Google+ isn't public for everyone yet, so if you aren't in yet don't worry, you'll be able to try it out soon.

Last week I read a great blog post on Social Media Trends on the Copeland Communications' Blog. The premise of the post wasn't what are the latest trends in Social Media, because we all know they are ever changing and move faster than this blog, but rather how to keep up with these trends without getting overwhelmed.

Last weekend Andrew, Martin and myself all had the pleasure of attending the Social Media Camp that was held in Victoria, BC.

With my job being in Social Media and helping others discover all the beneficial things
about the medium I wasn't sure how much I'd get out of the conference, but I hoped that Martin and Andrew would find some use in the content.

I thought since I have a moment between sessions to send out this quick blog post on where we are. We are at Social Media Camp Victoria.

This little conference is in its second year and is now a two day event, with over 600 people attending. Martin, Andrew and myself are in attendance and absorbing all the information we can to bring back home. 

Last week at some point I watched an interview with Social Media Speaker, Jay Baer, who talked about where Social Media is today. He said very clearly "it is not so much should we do social media, but rather how do we do social media." I thought this couldn't be more wrong for Northern BC.

Since the launch of our new website a couple weeks ago, I wanted to make it a task of mine to write a blog post a week. Part of my job with Motion Media is social engagement and I think blogging is a big part of that. When I work with clients who want to get into the social game I recommend blogging is a good place to start. Facebook is great, Twitter is great but a blog is yours, where you can share ideas, share the insights in your business and ultimately have a conversation on your own turf. That being said I also find it difficult myself to write a blog post a week.

Back in September Facebook launched Places, a built in feature that allows you to check-in to places you visit. The feature is much like Foursquare, the stand along social network based on checking-in to venues.

What Foursquare did to entice people to check-in was to reward the most frequent visiter by making a deal with that venue. It other words, you check-in the most (become mayor) you get a discount of some sort.

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